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Check out Latour de Force’s YELP reviews!

Check out Latour de Force’s YELP reviews!

“Kristina’s work is excellent! I loved working with her and recommend her highly if you are looking for a professional demo reel. She sat patiently with me and helped me re-work my reel to create a customized demo that gets me auditions and bookings. Kristina has been in the business a while and understands what is needed and is aware of the ever changing trends. She also has a great rapport with agents and managers in NYC. Her rates are competitive and reasonable. If you need a good professional demo–she’s your gal!” –Kate G.

“Ms. Latour recently completed my acting reel. She edited the scenes with intercuts for pacing, and made sure they focused on me. My agents were very happy With the result. She produced a professional reel at a reasonable price. She was easy to work with and very open to my input. I highly recommend her.” — Daryl E.

“I am a Broadway playwright and producer and it was my pleasure to hire Kristina at Latour de Force Productions to create an on line video to raise funds for a music project called The Sonnet Man, putting Shakespeare’s sonnets to hip hop. I had material, narratives, photos, film footage and music, which she studied, organized and creatively edited into a vibrant, effective colorful, video. I would totally recommend her company for any video project.” — Arje S.

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